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Who We Are

A Leading Early Childhood Professional Development Organization Since 2010

Founded by Yolanda Richey in 2010, P.A.C.E. (Professional Advising & Career Empowerment) was established in order to provide childcare professionals a place to grow professionally "at their pace".  What started off as a small community organization in Central Virginia, P.A.C.E. has quickly grown into a lovingly-large, warm and welcoming community where childcare professionals from around the world come together to connect and support their professional growth, as well as consider how their overall wellness impacts their work with young children.  

To say that Yolanda Richey is passionate about early childhood would be an understatement!  Actively working in the field for over 20 years, she understands both the joys and challenges faced by childcare professionals.  From van driver to director, she has served in many positions and easily relates to all professionals in the field. Yolanda holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and is endorsed as a Level II Infant Mental Health Consultant.  She is a certified CDA Program Specialist and also works in the early childhood department as an adjunct professor at her local community college. As a highly sought-after presenter, she has presented at hundreds of workshops/conferences and she holds train -the-trainer certification in many nationally -recognized programs.  Yolanda will serve as P.A.C.E.'s lead professional development presenter/facilitator. P.A.C.E. also collaborates with other presenters/facilitators to bring you evidence-based, high-quality information in a fun, relaxed and meaningful way!

At P.A.C.E., we know there are many agencies offering early educators professional development on learning experiences to enhance children's growth and development.  Although we also offer some of these workshops as well, what makes us unique is that we have a MAIN FOCUS on the self-care and wellness of the caregiver!  In order for young children to be properly nurtured, supported and assisted to grow to their full potential, we must not ignore the importance of the well-being of those who care for them on a regular basis!


Yolanda has been quoted as saying, "We all know you cannot pour from an empty cup... that is important and true; However, childcare and early care professionals must be mindful not to pour from an unhealthy cup as well, for they are shaping the heart and minds of the future!"

Explore all that P.A.C.E. has to offer to care for you as a childcare professional! 

We look forward to connecting with YOU!

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