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Our Sponsors Make it Possible!


The following are recognized for their contribution of up to $99 to support the work we do:

  • The Richey Family - Petersburg, VA

  • The Tyree Family - Chesapeake, VA

  • The Torres Family - Atlanta, GA

  • The J. Torres Family - Florence, SC

  • The Ashford Family - Dover, NJ

  • The Jarrett Family - Dinwiddie, VA

  • The Thomas Family - Prince George, VA

  • The Forde Family - Midlothian, VA

  • The Jones Family - Dinwiddie, VA

  • The Crocker Family - Hopewell, VA

  • The Wade Family - Portsmouth, VA

  • The Davis Family - Riverdale, GA


The following are recognized for their contribution of $100 - $499 to support the work we do:

  • The Marco Family - Hopewell, VA


The following are recognized for their contribution of over $500 to support the work we do:


The following families and organizations are leaving a legacy behind, all in the name of supporting early childhood professionals.  Their dedication is shown through providing yearly scholarship funds that are used to support the work we do here at P.A.C.E. 

  • The Patricia Ann Morton Scholarship Fund - Established in December, 2020, the family and loved ones of Patricia Ann Morton honor P.A.C.E. by funding a yearly scholarship which will be used to support professional development.  In February 2021, these funds supported  50 early childhood professionals who participated in a FREE workshop entitled, "Back on PACE! Planning for a Successful Year as an Early Childhood Professional".

You Can Be A Sponsor or Leave A Legacy Too!

P.A.C.E. is not a 501 -3(C) or non-profit organization, so you won't be able to claim your gift to us as a tax deduction; P.A.C.E. has coined the term & status, "GOD-U(C)", for the work we do, as we know the blessings that come from above in being a cheerful giver cannot be matched. We thank you in advance!

The average childcare professional may never earn a lot of money doing the work they do. Those who are connected with us understand that riches are not counted by dollars alone!  They show up every day, making the lives of young children better and brighter!

Please consider leaving a donation to support or work and help us keep our cost to childcare professionals free (or low).  No amount is too small or large!  Once your funds have been received, you will be added to our  sponsors above!

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Are you interested in starting a legacy of remembrance for a loved one or for your organization? 

Providing a yearly scholarship to P.A.C.E. through a legacy fund is a heart-warming way to show your love for your cause, as well as for early childhood!

Remember... a legacy does not only have to be dedicated to someone once they have left this earth.  In fact, how wonderful it would be to honor someone with a legacy in their name while they are still among us to enjoy the honor as well!

Contact us and share your thoughts and ideas!  We can guide you through the simple process of creating a yearly legacy fund and offer tips on how you can also raise funds to support it!

Advertise Your Family-Friendly Business With Us!

Looking for an affordable way to advertise your family- friendly business?  Our professional development workshops and services platform is a wonderful way to reach hundreds of  people each month!  When you advertise with us, your business is advertised at the start and at the end of our workshops and events.  We also will include information about your business (such as weblinks or contact information in our email correspondences as we advertise programs and services, as well as when we  send follow up information after our events!  By connecting your family-friendly business with our programs and services, you have the potential of reaching thousands more customers each month, as childcare professionals are often connected with the families of children in their class, people throughout their communities and their own family members!  

Advertising with us is DONATION-BASED!  That's right!  We are not only interested in providing high-quality, affordable services for the early educator... we are here to help our business community too!  Allowing you to decide what you are able to afford or feel led to give to advertise through us allows you to come back again and again! We only allow a few business sponsors per event, allowing for a deeper focus on highlighted business sponsors and increasing opportunities to drive more business your way!

Sound like an interesting way to advertise to you?  GREAT!  Fill out our contact form and let us know you want to advertise with us!  Someone will be in contact with you shortly to further discuss opportunities and determine if you're business is a right fit for us! (Note: we reserve the right to select business sponsors that align with our values, beliefs and mission.)

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