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School Supply

CDA Help!

Need a CDA Portfolio Binder?

Guidance needed to prepare your portfolio?

Other CDA Questions?

Everything you need to understand and complete the CDA process is just a click away...

School Supply

Experience Amazing Professional Development!

Tell us what you need... If we can't help, chances are we can refer you to who can!

Do you have specific professional development needs?

Fill out our contact form, indicating how we can help you enhance your childcare services and someone will be in contact with you to gather additional details.

Through consultation, coaching, workshops and/or courses, we are confident we can provide you with the help you are looking for!

... And if we cannot, chances are we will be able to refer you to who can and/or provide you with the guidance to get there on your own!

From individual or childcare center-specific, to conference workshops and keynote presentations, P.A.C.E. is ready to provide you with a dynamic and memorable professional development experience that will be talked about for years to come!


Go ahead and complete the contact form by clicking the crayon below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

An intentional childcare professional is ALWAYS under construction!

We've done away with our "High-Five Series", as now all of our services are donation- based!


However, we still want to offer some of the services that this series offered, so we are leaving our FREE training here and keeping it available to you...

Our workshop entitled, "Making Time for Mindful Moments!"  is still available (just disregard the intro page which discusses the "High-Five Series". Click button below to get this workshop at NO COST...

Note: You may need this case-sensitive passcode to access the free training: PACEmmw01!

Our Publications!

Did you know our Early Childhood Workshop Notebook is getting national attention as a top resource for early educators? Exciting News!

We also have many other journals and activity books designed for both children and adults...and more are on the way!

Each purchase helps to keep our services donation-based, so consider picking up a special journal or activity book for yourself or someone you love!  Check out all of our current publications below by clicking the smiley face...




Missed the T-shirt Campaign Last Year?

Now is your opportunity to be a P.A.C.E. Supporter!  Now that we have moved most of our services to "donation-based", we will REALLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT with this fundraising event!  Remember... this site was designed to serve YOU! Working together, we will be able to keep it active and affordable for ALL!  Our T-shirt Fundraiser is live in March 2024 only!. Purchase your T-shirts NOW to show your support for your profession and to help keep our affordable to all. 

Click HERE for the 2024 T-Shirt Fundraiser Campaign!

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