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Embrace My P.A.C.E.

A Movement Challenge!

Walk, Dance, Skip, PRANCE!

 However, you choose to do it...just get movin'! In 2021, we want childcare professionals to embrace the happiness and health that come from a being intentional about developing a more active lifestyle!  This is your chance to be part of a MOVEMENT and set a goal of your choice to improve your lifestyle this year! When you feel better, you can do better!  Sign up before March 31st and let's get your PACE... together!

Incentives & More too!

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Ready for School

Save $10 on Book Study in Honor of Childcare Professionals!

May is Childcare Professionals Appreciation Month... and to honor you, we are offering $10 off our book study event for the month of May 2021!

Now, you can receive 8 hours of professional development for just $15, plus the book is mailed to you for free!  In addition, the book study is pre-recorded, so all you have to do is follow the reading plan and listen to the pre-recorded workshops at any time that works for you!

The only catch - you MUST SIGN UP & PAY BEFORE MAY 31ST!


An intentional childcare professional is ALWAYS under construction!

Join us in March 2021 to sample these workshops for FREE...

Launching on March 15, 2021, these recorded workshops are designed to help you be your very best ... at your PACE! Make plans to dedicate at least one hour to yourself, as you reflect and learn at a time that works for you! Certificates of training awarded!


These trainings are part of our "High-Five Series"...

High-Quality Workshops for Just $5.00

Try one now for FREE!

Mindful Motivations - These workshops are designed to help you learn how mindful practices can help you understand yourself better, which often allows you to better serve the young children and families in your care!


Included in our FREE TRAIL is our workshop entitled, "Making Time for Mindful Moments!" Click button below to get this workshop at NO COST...

Note: You may need this case-sensitive passcode to access the free training: PACEmmw01!

Snack Sessions - Grab a snack, relax and learn innovative ideas to use in your classroom! Topics will include meaningful information on areas that challenge the childcare professional most! FREE TRIAL COMING SOON!

Called to Care: - Designed  with the Christian child care professionals in mind, these sessions will allow for exploration biblical principals as it relates to your purpose in caring for young children. FREE TRIAL COMING SOON!

Note: After our free trial period has ended, these workshops will be added to our "HIGH-FIVE!" Series (high quality professional development for just $5.00, recorded, so you can learn at your PACE!)


For childcare professionals who purchased a T-shirt during our 2021"A P.A.C.E. Embrace" T-shirt Campaign, you'll be eligible to participate in the "HIGH-FIVE SERIES" for FREE!

Missed the T-shirt Campaign? Stay tuned for other upcoming opportunities to be a P.A.C.E. Supporter and save on professional development!