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Embrace My PACE!

A Movement Challenge!

Do you know that participating in movement activities that you enjoy is one of the best ways to enhance your physical and mental health?  Connect with other early childhood professionals and let's get moving together, encouraging one another along the way!

The 2021 Embrace My P.A.C.E. Movement Challenge is a wonderful way to improve your knowledge about the importance of movement, as well as have fun improving your health along the way!  The rules of the challenge are simple and designed for you to be successful!  Best of all, there is NO COST to participate in the what do you have to lose except unhealthy habits and possibly a few unwanted pounds!

Complete the form below to get started!  Each month, there will be FREE opportunities to join your fellow challenge-mates in Zoom events where we will discuss a number of topics designed to help you feel better and move more!  Through our learning community groups, you will develop the tools to develop a movement challenge goal that you will plan to meet during the month of May 2021 (We chose May because it is Childcare Provider Appreciation Month).

Opportunities to purchase 2021 Embrace My P.A.C.E memorabilia will be provided in months to come, but purchase is not required to participate...all we need for your participation is completion of the form below and your commitment to move more this year than you did last year!  We want to see you succeed, as we get healthier together, embracing movement at a PACE that works for you and your lifestyle!

Additional details will follow to movement challenge participants after the form is submitted, with details related to a variety of dates and times you can choose from to connect with other challenge participants.  Professional Development hours will also be available during these times.  Incentives and more also await you, so spread the word and sign up today!

Complete the form below to be sent more details!  Our goal is to form a HUGE group of Embrace My P.A.C.E. Challenge Participants, so tell your co-workers and colleagues too!

Health Declaration

Please fill out the following health declaration form in order to participate in our challenge event. Submissions serve as indication that the participant verifies their health status enables them to safely meet the physical goals they set for themselves and releases P.A.C.E.(and any affiliates)  from any and all misfortunes that may result from their physical exercise.

Thanks for submitting!

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