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Daily Health Observation 
Training Event!

Saturday, February 19th 

Time: 9:00 AM -11:30 AM (EST)

According to the Virginia Department of Health standards, participants in this 2.5-hour workshop will learn how infection diseases are spread, perform daily health assessments on children and identify signs and symptoms of contagious diseases in children to exclude them if necessary to prevent the spread of disease. OSHA requirements for health and safety practices for childcare staff are included in this training.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate valid for 3 years.  Participants must attend the entire 2.5-hour training to receive certificate.

Space for this training is limited to 45 participants!

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Professional Development Opportunities!

Joy in Journaling!

As we continue our efforts to create a more mindful childcare professional, this month we welcome you to focus on self-love!  Join other childcare professionals in a FREE virtual reflective group, as we focus on loving yourself!


To be part of this group, you will need to purchase our journal on Amazon, Wonderfully Warm Thoughts for Me! Click link below to purchase your journal...


Then, simply sign up and plan to participate in the FREE training event!  This professional development event will be a two-part series, resulting in you earning a 2 -hour professional development certificate!  Purchase your journal now, so you'll be ready to join the FREE training event!  Participants should plan to attend the following virtual events to be eligible for certificate:

Tuesday, January 18th- 7:00 -7:30 pm (EST)

Tuesday, January 25th- 7:00 -8pm (EST)

Once you have purchased your journal, click the link below to register for the FREE training event...