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Meet the P.A.C.E. Team!

Learning with us is like a PARTY!

Fun... and Educational!

Yolanda T. Richey, M.Ed., IMH-E(II), CCHC

Founder & Lead PD Facilitator

Go to the "About Us" page to read all about how this journey was started ... and hopes for the future!


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Alicia Satchell, M.Ed.

Co-Host & PD Facilitator/Trainer

Alicia helps keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes of our larger, most popular workshops! She is a certified educator and currently teaches for Chesapeake City Public Schools in their virtual academy.  She is the owner of C's Slimes & Stuff, and its affiliate YouTube Channel, C's Calming Corner, specializing in techniques that brings joyful calmness to children and adults!  For P.A.C.E she facilitates workshops designed for school-aged child development, and our Nationally-Popular "Slime-N-Unwind" Workshop... which we hope to bring you again very soon!

Angie Tyree, M.A., LPC

Systems Organizer & Co-PD Facilitator

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Young kids

Achievement Through Authors!

Author-Facilitated Professional Development

There are so many amazing children book authors... and we are on a mission to connect with as many of them as possible!

Our new professional development series, "Achievement Through Authors" will allow early educators to grow their children book libraries, while earning FREE professional development training hours connecting in 1 - 2-hour workshops, facilitated by the featured author!

Clear here for more details!

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