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Ready to Create a BUZZ  as a High-Quality Childcare Professional?

If so,  then you're in the right place!

This is where Early Care Professionals positively "pollinate" the world ... at their PACE!

P.A.C.E. (Professional Advising & Career Empowerment) is an early childhood organization and consultation service designed to educate

and empower early childhood professionals.  We believe that there are many wonderful agencies offering high-quality professional development related to the care of children - and we happily connect you to those agencies!  Our main focus is on the well-being of the early childhood professional.  Through professional development designed to enhance mindfulness, self-care and wellness, we are impacting the early childhood community by making sure the ones providing the care feel empowered (mind, body & soul)!

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Changing Our PACE...
o better serve ALL!

All of our Services are Now "Donation-Based"!

We are Here For YOU!

Our Services are now...

"Donation- Based" !

YES! You read that correctly!
Pay what you are able for our services!.. 
Our goal remains the same for EVERYONE...
Take care of YOU,
the Childcare Professional...

... so that you can develop the skills needed to do your very best in caring for young children!

At P.A.C.E., we have done a lot of reflecting (..and praying!) and have decided that we do not want the cost of services to be the reason any childcare professional has to miss out on our awesome professional development classes, consultation and/or any of our other programs and services!  Without high-quality childcare, our world will not be able to function.

We appreciate and understand the sacrifices made by many childcare professionals during this ongoing time of uncertainty... and even before that!  So that we can assure that EVERYONE who needs us is able to afford our services, we have decided to move to a "donation-based" system, allowing all to benefit from the high-quality services we offer!

Some services will have flat fees for shipping & handling, but other than that, the donated amount for any workshop, consultation, program or other service will be up to you (Starting at Just $1.00).

We TRUST that those who use our services are appreciative of the time and dedication we pour into our work and will use this information as they decide what they are led (or able) to pay for participation in our services.  Some will be able to afford more, helping their fellow childcare professionals who may not be able to give more at this time...and that's what P.A.C.E. is all about! 


So give $1 or $1000... or more!

This is a judgement-free zone...

...and we believe in you and your ability to help us continue to bring you the highest quality services!

See information below for seasonal happenings!

Click button below to learn about our ongoing services...

Aerial Boat Shot

While we are all in the same STORM, we are not in the same BOAT...

...some have yachts,

... others have regular boats,

... others are simply holding on to a piece of driftwood!

Let us learn to BE THERE for one another, navigating "the storm" with empathy, respect and a deep desire to work together!

Image by Eyestetix Studio

March Happenings!


Support us... As we support YOU!

Our annual T-shirt fundraiser helps to ensure we are able to continue to offer donation-based services! Pick up our 2023 T-shirt and not only will you look FABULOUS, but you'll be supporting your profession, while also spreading the word about the importance of the early years!

Click the button below to learn more!

(Two shirts to choose from)

No LUCK Required!

Everyone can be a winner by joining our professional development workshops!

Click the button below to see what else is happening in March...

Price Increase This Month!

The Early Educator's Planner will no longer be available at introductory price after this month is over! Join hundreds of other early educators who are being intentional and making the most of planning their professional and personal lives with our JUMBO 15-month undated planner! Lots of extras inside for goal setting, keeping up with weekly to-do list, and so much more!

Be INTENTIONAL like so many of your co-professionals & get your DELUXE PLANNER today before the price goes up!

Remember ... Most of our services are



Contact us (fill out form below) with your specific program needs... if we can't help, chances are we know an agency that can!

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